Rental Trader Inc

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3219 E Camelback Rd #274, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
3215 East Camelback Road Phoenix Arizona 85018 US

Rental Trader is about matching travelers with homeowners who wish to rent a home or a room. We started Rental Trader since the “big guys” own the marketplace and have taken advantage of homeowners and travelers alike by charging outrageous fees. We aim to change that situation and will take back the industry before travel becomes too expensive for the average family to afford. We will keep costs low and service high.

We believe in entrepreneurship and the greatness of innovation and hard work. We believe that travel should be available to anyone and everyone since it builds character, strong emotional and family bonds and creates special memories that will last beyond ourselves. We love the fact that just about anyone can participate and build a money-making enterprise that can make a difference in their own personal finances and for that of their family. Join the Rental Trader revolution!

Vacation Rental Services:

– Photography and Listings
– Marketing
– Business Aspects
– Using Technology

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We are Matt and Loralee Johnson of Phoenix, AZ. We have been involved with this wonderful breed for 25-plus years. Through our breeding program we strive to improve the health, temperament, working drive and conformation in our lines and create Rottweiler puppies that will become wonderful companions and working dogs for years to come.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States 5.51 mi

The Rottweiler makes a loyal and wonderful companion, but requires time and training. The Rottweiler is a basically calm, confident, and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness. The Rottweiler is a powerful dog with an inherent desire to protect home and family. The Rottweiler’s strong will to work make it an especially good companion dog.

Laveen, Phoenix, Arizona, USA 13.58 mi

We are a small Family Hobby Kennel, located in Laveen, AZ. We are very proud to breed Rottweilers, in our opinion the best breed of dogs in the world. All of our dogs and puppies are members of our family. Our goal is produce beautiful puppies with excellent drive & temperament For Pet, Conformation & Working. We Are Code of Ethics Breeder, located in Laveen, Arizona.


Firehouse Rottweilers / Vom Feuerhaus is a family hobby German Rottweiler kennel located in Peoria AZ USA by Jim and Heather Laubmeier. Jim is a Captain/Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department so we named our kennel to honor his profession. We have owned Rottweilers since 1992 and found out by experience and education that the German Rottweiler and ADRK breeding system is superior due to strict breeding & testing regulations and imported our first German ADRK Rottweiler in 2005.

Arizona, United States 64.6 mi

We are a family owned and operated training and breeding kennel in Arizona. We specialize in producing and training protection and duel purpose dogs for family, sport or serious work. Our kennel works with the best common and rare breeds of dog (and only the best bloodlines and best dogs we can find, whether we find it locally or in Europe or South America, …) to create and mold the finest family & working dogs which also behold beauty and elegance that turn heads.


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