Are You Looking for the Best Dog Beds for Labs?

The Labrador or the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular kinds of retriever. This breed was said to have originated from Canada and its webbed paw is great for swimming and quite useful in retrieving fishing nets which was what they were originally trained for.  Currently, the Labrador is considered to be a great companion dog as they are quite active in swimming, playing catch and several other sports. They are also used in several police investigation for their good nature and detective ability.  They are also quite friendly and are thought to be harmless towards young children and the elderly.

best dog beds for labsFull size Labradors or Labs can grow to as tall as 25 inches and as heavy as 90 pounds and in case you are not aware, that’s the average weight of a teenager. In as much as you love your dog and say that you don’t mind sharing your bed with him, you and him will be better off having a bed to call your own.

The Labs are considered as large breeds of dogs hence; you should take into account the best dog beds for large dogs when choosing the best dog beds for Labs.

Finding the Best Dog Beds for Labs

Although it is rare for labradors to experience major health issues, there are some that are prone to certain hereditary disorders and they would benefit from the best dog beds for Labs.

Labradors are prone to dysplasia, particularly of the elbow and hip.  This is especially true to adult Labradors and other larger dogs.  Adult Labradors are also prone to knee and eye problems and an overactive Labrador is also known to suffer from an exercise-induced collapse.  Moreover, some Labradors are also known to suffer from a hereditary form of myopathy.

In order to find the best dog beds for Labs, you need to take into consideration the size of your Labrador and the variation usually lies with the sex of your dog.  The male Labrador can grow from a range of 22 to 25 inches and as heavy as 60 to 90 pounds.  The female Labrador, on the other hand, grows between 21-24 inches and as heavy as 60 to 75 pounds.

finding the best dog beds for labsHowever, if you are unsure what to get, it is recommended that you get a dog best measuring at least 24 inches x 36 inches.  You can also get them a bean bag like dog bed that measures at least 45 inches x 52 inches. You might want to resists getting your Labrador those that resembles a sofa bed, unless it’s especially large, to give your Labrador room to stretch.

It is also important to ensure that the dog bed has a firm base because a large dog like a Labrador can easy wear out the bedding and flatten it out.  A flattened bedding can cause or worsened existing joint pains like arthritis in your Labradors.

In as much as you try to give your dog a bath regularly, his dog bed will eventually stink that is why it is advisable to put on bed covers on your dog bed for easier maintenance and cleaning.  It is a lot more economical and you won’t have to deprive your dog of his bed while you hang it out to dry.

While Labradors are not known as a breed to be aggressive at chewing or clawing, it is still advisable to check the material of your dog bed.  You might want to steer away from materials delicate fabrics because your Labrador is more than capable of shredding it into pieces without exerting much effort.  Although most dog beds are made out of cotton or polyester, it’s not unusually for dog beds to be made out of several other materials like faux leather and vinyl.

How Much Do the Best Dog Beds for Labs Cost?

The average cost of the best dog beds for Labs can set you back at least $100.00 however; if you opted for the newer innovations like waterproof  dog beds or memory foam dog beds then you best prepare to shell out quite a bit more. While these innovations may seem nice and cool, your dog doesn’t need this especially if it is way above your budget.  Remember, you don’t need to spend more to be able to get the best dog beds for Labs.