Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog bedPet dog owners want the best for their dogs; however, finding quality dog beds like bolster dog beds are not always easy. First, you have to find out which dog bed is good for a large or small breed dog and if it complements their sleeping style. If your dog likes to sleep with its head on a pillow or an armrest then the bolster dog bed is just perfect for it.

What are Bolster Dog Beds?

Nesting dog beds, also known as donut dog beds or bolster dog beds, are popular for providing comfort and security. These are good for almost all types of dogs. They  somewhat resemble to rounded beds with half-bolsters or with all around pillow pads that can either be built-in or removable. Small or large bolster dog beds also come in different sizes, designs and varieties. If you have a pet Collie, there are many bolster dog beds for large dogs available in washable, heated, designer and orthopedic types.

Make sure they are made of good mattress as it will support the dog’s joints and improve his circulation. Bolster pet beds are ideal for those who like to curl up next to you on the sofa. It can provide protection as it prevents your dog from rolling off the couch.

Many pet stores now offer customized or personalized design for your desired luxury dog beds. You can have it in 2 or more tier of bolsters in designer prints.

One popular bolster dog bed is the memory foam bolster dog beds. This type is the next warmest bed you can find after the heated dog bed. As it conforms to your pet dog’s body, it also retains the body heat. Smaller dogs and puppies love this type because it is both warm and comfortable.

Other Best Dog Beds

You always want to provide a cozy and secure place where your dog can relax and sleep soundly. Here are the other best dog beds that might be the one for your pet.

Heated Dog Beds –This is the great solution to keep your puppies or small dogs warm at night and during winter season. Their small bodies won’t be able to retain heat just like the larger dogs. This dog bed can provide constant heat to keep them cozy and warm. This is also good for pets that sleep outdoors and for older dogs.

Orthopedic Dog Beds –This is suited for aging and ailing pet dogs. They provide comfort and support for pets to cushion their joints when sleeping and for pets that are suffering from arthritis.

Whatever may be the right one for your dog, just make sure it is made of premium fabric and it is easy to clean and wash.


The bolster dog bed is like giving your dog with a comforting pillow on which he can lay his head as he takes a nap. It can also let him snuggle up contentedly. Aside from these features, bolster dog beds can also spice up your home’s interior.