Chew Proof Dog Bed for Man’s Best Friend

Chew proof dog bed is surely what every pet lover, or specifically, every dog lover wants for their beloved canine. Of course, as an owner, you want your pet to cherish everything that you gave them. And though it is usual to them, especially when they are still in the stage of teething, you can’t really help but to get disappointed after finding out that the item you bought for them was destroyed, especially their beds which is very important for them to have a relaxing and comfortable rest. Good thing there is what we call the chew resistant dog bed, which lessens your worries when it comes to your dog’s habit of chewing and destroying everything that it wants to destroy.

Chew proof dog bed, aside from the fact and as what its name implies, offers an advantage of making your dogs comfortable while they are asleep. In addition, they lessen the stress on the joints and other injuries that your pets can get on a steel-wrapped bed. Lastly, it will keep your pets’ space neat and clean since what they are nibbling cannot be destroyed.

Types of Chew Proof Dog Beds

Chew resistant dog beds come in various types, especially the Coolaroo dog bed. Some of these types are listed below.

  • Standard Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed in Almond – It is very firm and the frame made from almond wood is very strong yet very easy to be removed and cleaned. It is UV-resistant and can be used both outdoor and indoor. The fabric is made up of poly-resin, making it hard for your pet to chew it. No need for a chew proof dog bed cover, but you can still use one if you like for the frame to be covered with.
  • Kuranda USA Standard Elevated Chew Proof Dog Bed in Walnut – This is another Coolaroo dog bed product which offers delight to every pet owner, as well as to the canine itself. It comes with a very soft dog bed chew proof fleece padding that you could place whenever you want. In addition, it comes in various colors that would really fit to your dog’s personality.
  • Chew Resistant Aluminum Elevated Dog Bed – It has a chew resistant dog bed frame, which is at the same time resistant to UV rays. It can be used both outdoor and indoor. This Coolaroo dog bed is made up of aluminum metal which makes it very easy to be recycled, and has stainless steel hardware for an additional strength and corrosion resistance. It is so far, the strongest chew proof dog bed of Coolaroo for it has a weight capacity of 175 pounds.

Caring for Dog Beds

Given the types of chew resistant dog beds, it is also important to take note on how to take care of it. It is not enough reason that you gave your pet a dog bed chew proof that you don’t have to take care of it anymore. Your pets’ things still needs to be taken care of, for it is the best way to keep your dogs healthy, lively and free from all illnesses. The following are some tips to consider.

  • Coolaroo dog bed, chew proof dog bed cover, and other chew proof dog bed fabrics are made up of either a polystyrene or polyester fill, which are very easy to wash. Take some time to wash your pets fabrics, when needed to keep them resting in a neat and clean bed.
  • When washing your pet’s bed fabrics, make sure that you hand wash them only. Brushing and spinning it on washing machines can damage the fabric’s texture as well as its color.
  • Wash only with mild detergent.
  • Never put any fabric conditioner, especially if you have hunter dogs or ones with sensitive sense of smell for it can damage their scent capability.
  • Tumble dry on low heat or just air dry.

Chew proof dog beds help keep your dogs free from dirt and illnesses that they can get from sleeping on the ground. When purchasing one, consider all the necessary features and needs of your dog so that you can have the best value for your money and the best resting space for your pet.