Coolaroo Dog Bed For Your Most Loved Pet

There are many things that are uniquely Australian and one of these things is the Coolaroo dog bed. Coolaroo is an Australian company that started over 50 years ago after it developed the Coolaroo fabric, which is made from tough and durable materials that is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The tough yet breathable Coolaroo fabric has become a huge success that the company grew to become a global brand. The company has products from elevated dog beds, shade cloth, umbrellas and gazebos, window shades and pet products.

One of the most famous pet products of the company is the Coolaroo dog bed. The dog bed is made from the world famous Coolaroo fabric. There are Coolaroo dog bed large size for big dogs and Coolaroo dog bed small version for small dogs. There are even Coolaroo dog bed replacement covers available if you want to change your dog’s bed cover.

Benefits of Using a Coolaroo Dog Bed

There are several advantages of using the Coolaroo dog bed. These advantages are:

  • Cool – The Coolaroo dog bed is made from breathable fabric that is why it is cool. It is perfect to use during the hot summer days. Dogs would prefer to lie on it rather than on the ground.
  • Mold, mildew and bacteria resistant – Because the Coolaroo dog bed is made of knitted fabric, it is typically resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Flea and insect resistant – The type of fabric used in Coolaroo dog bed can let the air in and out that is why flea and insects that thrive in dark, confined spaces cannot survive in it.
  • Easy to clean and maintain – The Coolaroo dog bed is easy to clean. Just spray it with soap and water or remove it from the frame and throw it in the washing machine. Since it is easy to clean and maintain, your life will also be made easy.
  • Affordable – All Coolaroo dog beds like chew proof dog beds are very affordable. The price ranges from $19.95 to $49.95. The dog bed prices depend on its size. The bigger the bed, the higher the price is.

Types of Dog Beds Available

There are several models of Coolaroo dog bed. There are beds for big dogs, for medium sized dogs and for small dogs. Here are the examples of the beds:

  • Coolaroo Steel pet bed
  • Coolaroo Aluminium pet bed
  • Coolaroo Folding pet bed

These beds are all made with durable frames and, of course, the knitted Coolaroo fabric. The dog beds also come in different colors. You can choose from bright greens to subdued grays. You don’t only get a comfortable bed for your dogs but you also get a stylish one.

Where to Buy a Coolaroo Dog Bed

There are several stores where you can buy the dog bed. These are Costco Warehouse, Target, Ace Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond and BJs. The Coolaroo dog beds are also available online. These online stores include Amazon, PatioUmbrellaUSA, GreenhouseMegastore, BackyardCity, MaisonDrake, CatalogClearance, PlowAndHearth, WalMart and BlindsGalore.

If you truly care for your pet, do not settle for anything less—give him a Coolaroo dog bed. It is one of the best things you can get for your dog.