What Are Washable Dog Beds?

Nowadays, devoted dog owners only look for and buy quality pet care products like washable dog beds. In order to have healthy and happy dogs, they make sure their pets eat the proper diet, have good hygiene, get ample exercise and loving attention, and most of all their own sleeping beds where they can stretch, cuddle and rest comfortably.

Finding the Right Washable Dog Beds

Here are some points to consider when you are deciding which dog bed is suitable for your dog’s needs and sleeping style. This will also help you ensure you are making a good investment.

Your Dog’s Size

If you have a puppy that belongs to the larger breed, buy the one that can accommodate its full grown size. You can make it smaller to fit your puppy by putting some cushions. There are many washable dog beds for large dogs available online in cute and funky prints. Just make sure it can still hold them when they stretch. And the most suitable washable dog beds for small dogs are round, snuggler, memory foam, and bolster dog beds.

Your Dog’s Personality, Needs and Style

washable dog bedsEach dog has a unique personality. Some are very active, bouncy and playful while the others are unhurried, quiet and sweet. Study also your dog’s temperament and mannerisms. Browsing through the internet on unique dog beds will help you distinguish which one will suits perfectly to your pet.

Dogs with special needs also require special dog beds.  When you have just acquired a new puppy, be patient and forgiving because naturally it loves to chew on everything. And some dogs have not yet outgrown their love for chewing. So it is wise to put them on a chew proof dog bed. Make sure the dog bed company guarantees that it is chew proof, durable and comfortable at the same time.

Orthopedic dog beds are needed for large, older or ailing pet dogs. They give comfort and support for those who have just been operated and those who are suffering from arthritis. This kind of washable dog beds are best suited for your aging pets to have their joints cushioned when sleeping.


Take into great consideration the time, effort and expense that will be spent on the dog bed’s maintenance. Do you have the time to hand wash or the expense to dry clean them? That is why many people opt for washable dog beds for its convenience. But you also have to take note which parts of the dog beds are washable and which are not.

Cleaning Your Washable Dog Bed Correctly

Some of the washable dog bed styles are made to go directly into washing machine but some are not. So you have to be carefully and completely informed about the product before buying it. It is advised to remove the covers and toss them into the machine with cold water then dried in a low heat setting. Be sure to zip close all the zippers. If your dog bed is large that fill up the space in the dryer, tumble dry with no heat or air dry if possible. Aside from comfort, dogs also love their beds smelling fresh and feeling clean.


When considering for a perfect sleeping bed for your dog, take into consideration their age, size, personality, needs, sleeping style and of course the practicality to have and maintain it. And the best sleeping dog beds out there are the washable dog beds in lots of different designs to choose from.