If Your Arthritic Dog Needs Real Help Try Chinese Medicine

If Your Arthritic Dog Needs Real Help Try Chinese MedicineThere is a point where traditional medicine just can’t do anything more for an arthritic dog. If your pal is at this stage, traditional Chinese medicine may be the answer for your four-legged friend.

In many cases, young or old dogs develop arthritis as an effect of congenital defects like hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia. Another reason can be trauma, like broken bones or back injuries.

The Chinese assessment

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tackles the problem, which it calls Bi Syndrome, from an individual perspective. According to it, arthritis in a dog must be assessed along with the dog’s overall condition.

Under this principle, an arthritic dog that curls up next to the radiator has to have its Bi Syndrome treated differently than the one that sprawls on cool tiles.

Equally, an arthritic dog that is weak and tired all the time will have to be given Chinese herbs different from the ones a strong and playful arthritic dog would receive.

According to TCM, joint conditions that arise due to traumatic injury will need blood and Qi moving treatments, because the pain may be caused by stuck Qi or blood. It will also have to be established if the pain comes from wind, damp, cold, heat, or a combination of these.

The Chinese therapy

A lot of what the vet tells you about your arthritic dog also applies in TCM:

It is vital that young and old dogs maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

Arthritic dogs require controlled exercise to keep the muscles strong.

Your dog can be given a glucosamine supplement under the Chinese principles.

A healthy diet is a must to control joint problems. Chinese therapy will choose foods that put the body back in balance. The dog that curls up by the fire may need lamb, which is a warming food, whereas the one that is already warm may require a cooler meat.

Chinese herbs for different arthritis cases
The herbs your dog will ingest will be chosen based on its specific Bi Syndrome’s signs and symptoms, this is why you should never try to give Skippy the herbs that are working great for Tammy.

The herb called Du Huo Ji Sheng, for example, is a very warm formula that alleviates pain, and if it is given without guidance to a dog that is warm by nature, it may worsen that dog’s condition.

You always need a TCM practitioner to give you the correct formula for your dog.

Acupressure and acupuncture

These therapies, used regularly, can truly offer lots of relief and comfort to your pal.

You can learn some acupressure techniques to make your dog more comfortable and to improve its flexibility, and when coupled with acupuncture done by a vet acupuncturist, the results can improve considerably.

Traditional Chinese medicine offers interesting options for reducing pain and stiffness in arthritic dogs. The diet, herbs, and acupressure therapy can be combined with traditional treatments as long as both the vet and the Chinese herbalist know about all the drugs and herbs the dog is taking.