How Much are Australian Shepherd Puppies?

How Much are Australian Shepherd Puppies?Australian Shepherds are energetic, intelligent working dogs that were originally bred to herd cattle. They have excellent guarding instincts and can be loyal companions. One of the Australian Shepherd’s distinctive characteristics is a merle coat that can be in any of a number of color variations and combinations. Aussies can be blue merle, red merle with white markings and without; they can also have copper points on their faces, legs and tails. One of the questions prospective Aussie owners will have concerns cost: how much are Australian Shepherd puppies? The answer: breeders across the country charge anywhere between $700 and $1,500 for American Kennel Club registered puppies.

Reasons for the Cost

How much are Australian Shepherd puppies going to cost in terms of veterinarian bills if they are purchased from a disreputable breeder? Maintaining high breeding standards costs money, so Aussie puppies from reputable breeders will not be cheap. The factors that go into the cost include:

• Whether the dog is a companion dog or a “show prospect” dog. The definitions vary depending on the breeder; some breeders offer “show quality” companion dogs that are neutered. In most cases, the differences between the two types will be minor except when it comes to price. With an Australian Shepherd puppy, the difference in price between show prospect and companion can be more than $500.

• The cost of transportation is another factor than can raise the sale price of a puppy. If the buyer does not live in the same area as the breeder, then it will cost extra to have the puppy shipped or delivered.

• Vet bills including the cost of tail-docking and dewclaw removal will also factor into the sale price of an Australian Shepherd puppy.

• Breeding is a skill; it involves more than just pairing a male and female dog and then waiting for puppies. Responsible breeders have specialized knowledge and experience developed over years of breeding and working with Australian Shepherds. They research pedigrees and examine each dog carefully before breeding them. They know how to handle the mother during her pregnancy and the puppies for the weeks prior to sale. A part of the cost of a puppy has to do with all of the work that goes into breeding.

How Much Are Australian Shepherd Puppies Worth to Their Owners?

Prospective owners should ask this question: how much is unconditional friendship and adoration worth? When considering the cost of an Australian Shepherd puppy, it is important for the buyer to remember that they are about to begin a 10-15 year commitment. They will want to ensure that they get a pet that will be healthy for as much of their life as possible and the breeder’s skill has a lot to do with that.

Instead of financial cost, a prospective owner should consider this: how much are Australian Shepherd puppies going to cost in terms of labor and time? The breed is a demanding one and is not suited to a sedentary life. They will need walking, playtime and challenges to keep them from becoming bored and destructive.