Dogo Argentino

dogo argentinoAt the first glance the Dogo Argentino is an impressive and muscular canine with strong jaws and a massive head. Although the size and initial appearance can be off-putting Dogos have a friendly and gentle expression which is completely at odds with the reason for which they were bred.

The breed was founded in Argentina in 1928 by Antonio Nores Martinez (1909-1947), a prominent surgeon and avid hunter. He wanted a dog that would accompany him on big game hunts for wild boar and puma but still be a sociable and family dog.

When Martinez was unable to find the perfect dog he set about creating his own breed. He took the now extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog and methodically crossed this with nine other breeds until he had exactly what he wanted. Taking the best traits from each breed and systematically breeding out the bad points he created his ideal dog; the Dogo Argentino. The result is a wonderful guard and hunting dog yet intelligent and playful. This is one of the very few breeds that have been developed in South America.


The ideal height for the male is 25 inches with a weight of between 88-99 pounds and for a female the height is almost the same at 24 inches with a weight of 88-94 pounds. The length of the dog’s body is slightly longer than the height and female dogs will be slightly longer than their male counterparts.


The Dogo Argentino is white with the coat being uniformly short and smooth, although the density and thickness of the coat can vary in different climates. The only variation allowed in color is that some dogs can have a dark colored or black patch around one eye or on one ear. The size of the spot has to be within 10% of the size of the head. In the show ring if two dogs are of equal quality the totally white dog would be preferred.

Dogo Argentino Temperament

This is a dog that most people would think twice about cuddling but in fact the Dogo Argentino is actually very affectionate and will quite happily sit on your lap. A properly trained and socialized example of the breed is a pleasure to be around and they make loyal family pets. The Dogo Argentino is a dog that will love you unconditionally and makes an excellent companion.

The Dog Argentino gives the outward appearance of a dog that can be aggressive and frightening, but along as the Dogo has been properly socialized from puppyhood with other canines and pets they will get along famously.

Dogo Argentino Health

The Dogo Argentino is prone to deafness due to the lack of pigment in the skin, similar to white boxers, white bull-terriers and Dalmatians. The overall rate is around 10% and breeders are advised not to breed a dog that exhibits symptoms of deafness.

Hip Dysplasia is a common concern in this breed and x-rays of the hips and elbows are recommended to prevent the breeding of any stock with this condition. This debilitating orthopaedic disease is caused when the femoral head does not fit snugly into the hip socket and the joints become unstable. The condition generally affects both legs but in about 7% of cases only one hip is affected.

The breed can be subject to Demodectic Mange. Caused by a microscopic mite this can cause serious skin disease and bald spots if not recognized and treated early. Teething puppies and young females coming into season are most often affected and the sooner treatment is started the better.

Sporting and Working Dogos

This is a dog that was specifically bred for the pursuit of big game. Lions, pumas and wild boar are all strong and fast wild animals but no they are no match for the stealth, speed and strength of the Dogo.

Totally silent when on the trail; the Dogo Argentino never barks to alert its quarry. An outstanding athlete the Dogo will run great distances and still have enough strength to hold its prey, to the point of death if necessary. A fully grown boar can weigh 400 pounds yet be brought to its knees by only two Dogos.

The powerful jaws of the Dogo Argentino are also being used by the police for stopping criminals in their tracks. Many criminals faced with the option of running with a Dogo chasing them find it easier to surrender. Their fantastic sense of smell of the Dogo makes them great tracking dogs and they only need a slight sniff at cast-off clothing worn by the fugitives to be able to pick up the trail.

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