Finding a Dogo Argentino Puppy

dogo-argentino-puppy2Before even considering finding a Dogo Argentino puppy it is first important to research the breed to see if it will suit you and your family. Then, and only then, start looking for reliable and reputable breeders. The official Kennel Club in your country is a good place to start looking or there will be breed clubs that you can ask for information. This is not the ideal dog to buy online sight unseen or from a pet shop.

Any reputable breeder will invite you to come along and ask as many questions as you want to, let you meet the adult dogs and see their temperaments. Make several visits before deciding that you want a puppy. A good breeder may have a waiting list for their puppies and there is a good reason for this. Irresponsible breeders will nearly always have puppies available and probably be less than selective about the breeding lines. Many breeders will ask questions about you and your family, your lifestyle and some will want to do a home-check. This is not the breeder being nosey. This means that he or she is caring enough to make sure you are right for the Dogo and the Dogo is right for you.

When you first see the puppies it is all too easy to say you will have one there and then. A decent breeder should encourage you to take a day or so to consider whether you are making the right choice and ask you to let them know. Any breeder that forces a decision on you by saying they have lots of other people waiting or they need an immediate decision should be avoided.

Once you have taken the momentous step to take a Dogo Argentino puppy into your home and agreed a collection date with the breeder this will be a very exciting time. The breeder may have given you a list of things you can buy while you are waiting and recommended a suitable food for your puppy. When the day arrives and you collect your puppy the breeder should be more than happy to give you advice on the immediate care for the puppy. Many breeders put together a “Puppy Pack” with information in for you and should always be on hand afterwards for any questions or queries you might have.

Make sure that when you leave with your puppy that you have the vaccine book showing any vaccinations the puppy may have had, the microchip details, if applicable and any pedigree information, again if applicable. A reliable breeder will not let a puppy leave usually without it having the first vaccinations and a microchip for identification purposes.

Dogo Argentino Puppy Coat Care

A Dogo Argentino is relatively easy to look after as regards coat, teeth, ears and claws. The short coat can be brushed once or twice a week with a medium stiff brush and then gone over with a softer brush to polish it. The grooming removes any dead or loose hairs and helps distribute the natural oils thought the coat as well as being a bonding time for you and your Dogo Argentino puppy. They do not need bathing very often; in fact regular bathing will destroy the oil in the coat and make it dull and lifeless.

Teeth can be kept healthy and strong by a ready supply of good bones. Never feed your dog cooked bones as they can splinter. Raw bones are an excellent supply of calcium for a dog and despite many common beliefs it is perfectly safe to give your dog raw chicken carcasses.

Ears should be checked regularly and cleaned with an ear cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Q-Tips are not the best idea as the ends can fall off into the ear canal.

The claws do grow quite rapidly and although plenty of road-work will help keep the claws short they will still need trimming once or twice a month. Unless you are experienced in clipping dogs claws this is best left to the professionals. There is a very fine line between clipping the claw correctly and going a fraction too far and clipping the quick, resulting in much blood and panic!