Know Your Dogo Argentino’s Temperament

dogo argentino temperamentA Dogo Argentino is a loyal and protective dog. Though it is mostly mistaken to be an aggressive breed, but upon proper training since puppyhood, the dogo can be bred to be a perfect pet and your loyal companion. Dogos are guardian dogs that love and protect their owners and their families. These dogs are so loyal that they will put their life at risk just to protect their owner from harm.

Dogo’s dual nature

Dogos have a dual personality. They are guardians/protectors, loving and loyal dogs all at the same time. These dogs are so loyal that they will do anything to protect you from danger. They also want to cuddle and lie with you for hours. Dogos demand time, and if you are a dedicated owner, only then your dogo will feel happy and satisfied living with you. Dogos are naturally very active and they love to be with people, who are active, sporty, and have free time for their dogos.

Dogos might be known for their hunting instincts but these dogs are safe to adopt. Of course, every dog needs training; you need to give extra attention on your dogos training to turn it into a loving and obedient dog.

Love to be around family

Dogos love to spend time with family and that’s why they are great dogs for adoption. They demand attention and love from the family they are with and will protect them. Dogos also enjoy spending time with children and your kids are totally safe with dogos. They love to lay down for hours with kids, let kids groom them, sleep on kids laps, and sit with kids in their playing time. It is indeed amazing how a powerful hunter dog can be so affectionate towards the kids. For the dogos to be well-behaved with kids and family members, you need to start training them at an early age.

Anger Management

Dogos often get furious, but this anger issue occurs only when something is against its mood. We are listing a few important Dos and Don’ts that will prevent your dogo from getting aggressive.

  • Don’t keep your Dogo chained
  • Give him time to exercise and play
  • Be the leader of the pack and don’t let the Dogo assume itself to be the leader
  • Spend time with your Dogo
  • Don’t let it get bored
  • Familiarize your dogo to your family and friends
  • If you have other pets: Familiarize your dogo to your pets
  • Try not to keep two male dogos together
  • Train them from puppyhood
  • Provide socialization from an early age
  • Avoid cat encounter

Dogos are independent dogs that love a lot of physical exercise. The owners of dogos need to be active and strong because we are talking about huge powerful dogs. A dogos entire attitude and personality depends on how you train them. Behavioral lessons are important for a dogo to learn from the age of 2 months. The more you emphasize on its training, the more it’ll turn out to be loyal, friendly, protective, gentle and an affectionate dog.