Temperament: Is a Dogo Right For Your Family?

dogo argentino temperamentAll puppies are loveable and the Dogo Argentino at six or eight weeks of age will be cuddly and playful just like any other breed. This bundle of fun though will soon grow into a muscular, mastiff-type dog that has a will of its own. It is vital that from day one of bringing a Dogo into the household that it is taught right from wrong. Training must be consistent, done with authority and continued throughout the dog’s lifetime. Following this approach will help shape a calm, well-adjusted Dogo Argentino temperament.

Remember; this is a breed that was originally bred from fighting dogs and although these traits have been carefully bred out a Dogo needs early socialization and firm training if he is to become a valued and likeable member of the family. This is not the breed for the first-time dog owner; anyone considering a Dogo will ideally have had previous large breed experience.

Prospective owners must do their homework on this breed as properly trained a Dogo will be a delightful dog to own. The ideal owner for a Dogo Argentino needs to be active; this breed needs plenty of physical exercise to keep his body in tiptop condition and mental exercise to stop him becoming bored. He will be a fantastic guardian with a loud, reverberating bark when needed but who can be surprisingly friendly.

He needs to be calm in the house and around people, particularly family members, but outside he needs to be almost fearless and tough. This is a dog that will leap into action and Dogos have been known to see off intruders or anyone threatening their family and give chase even when the dog itself has been severely wounded.

Adult Dogo Argentino Temperament

That the cute white bundle that once snuggled on your lap will become a very large heavy dog that loves to lean against you and sit on your feet. He will need exercise and lots of it, owners that are of the couch potato type should not consider this breed. A young Dogo will jump up a lot especially while learning and can be very destructive if he is not exercised or mentally stimulated sufficiently.

Dogos love the water and enjoy being exercised on the beach. In the hot weather a padding pool in the yard makes a great place for your Dogo to cool off. If you have a swimming pool many Dogos will happily jump in and some will dive to retrieve items from the bottom of the pool.

The Dogo Argentino temperament can be gentle and they will be loving towards children and other pets as long they are properly brought up together. As with any animals, proper supervision should be provided at all times when it comes to children and smaller pets. A Dogo will tolerate cats as long as they are introduced to them as young puppies.

Most importantly what you put into your Dogo Argentino you will get out. Training, positive reinforcement and socialization are all vitally important part of a Dogos upbringing. Get this right and you will have a family guardian and a wonderful companion for life.