Things You Need To Know Before Adopting a Dogo Argentino Dog

Adopting a Dogo ArgentinoIf you are an active person and tough by nature, then a Dogo Argentino is just the right adoption option for you. The Dogo Argentino is a tough, strong and active dog breed which the Argentineans kept close by for protection. They are also famously put to use in dog fighting. If you plan to adopt a Dogo Argentino, make sure you conduct a detailed survey on them. These dogs are not like the Labradors or Poodles that you adopt without extensive research. These are vivacious creatures that like to get involved in physical activities.

If you are a lazy person, don’t adopt a Dogo Argentino. The dog might need to go out on a walk with you or enjoy some running time on a frequent basis. They are not just fighter dogs; they also have a loving and loyal side to them. If you give them proper attention, they’ll show a lot of affection. They might lean on you or near your feet to show their closeness.

If you do opt for adopting one, make sure the breeder has trained the dog for a home environment. When you are going to take a fighter dog in the premises of your home, it should be used to that environment. This requires appropriate training, and if the breeder you have approached has trained the dogs in a home based environment, where the dog got used to people’s voices, their presence, and fellow puppies, it’ll be easier for you to handle him.

Dogo Argentino Adoption Checklist

Make sure that the dog you are adopting has experienced socializing. A dog that has been exposed to socializing can adjust easily with you and your family. Otherwise, the Dogo will adhere to its fighting nature and create problems for you.

If you are a very busy person and spend little or no time at home, a Dogo Argentino is not the best breed for you to adopt. The Dogo Argentino needs plenty of time with the family and the owner; you cannot keep your Dogo chained in the yard. This will make him angry and violent. If you are willing to spend time with the Dogo, only then approach a breeder for adopting one.

The Dogo Argentino grows very fast, which means that handling him will be quiet a responsibility. Plus their nature makes it necessary that you train them from an early age. If you are ready to handle a big tough dog and the responsibility of giving him proper training only then you can adopt it.

The Dogo Argentino does not react well to cats. Due to their hunting nature, it is advised that you keep your cats away. The Dogo Argentino will run after cats and hunt them. If you adopt a few months old puppy, you can keep them with cats because then, they’ll be used to living with them.

Lastly, you should be able to handle the Dogo’s mood swings or particularly its aggressive and hyper nature. These tips will definitely help you make a wise decision while adopting a Dogo Argentino. After all, it is a dog, and dogs are known to love and protect their owners.