Senior Dogs

senior dogsDogs are man’s best friend, so they say, and older dogs are some of the most loyal friends you can find. Older dogs are just as loving as younger dogs, but with a sense of calm and confidence that can only be obtained with age. Whether you adopted an older dog—a truly humane act—or you’ve raised your dog from a puppy, there are a number of unique issues that you’ll have to face. With this website, you will be able to work your way through the myriad challenges, major and minor, that will face you and your loyal canine companion.

There are numerous issues that face senior dogs, and many of them are medical. If you’ve ever had a sudden, unexpected vet’s bill, it can be simultaneously a punch to the gut and a hit to the wallet. To help dampen that sudden shock, you may want to think about pet insurance. With the right plan, you can protect yourself financially, and you can be assured that you won’t come up short in your furry friend’s hour of need.

There are many types of medical problems your dog may face, some more serious than others. Different breeds have different common medical ailments, and learning about these ailments can help you to know what to expect. By using the right nutritional supplements, you can help to counter things like weak joints and hair loss before they even start. You can also figure out if your dog is at higher risk of cancer and other serious medical issues.

Problems Facing Senior Dogs

Many senior dogs have problems that impede their day-to-day life. For example, if your dog has lost their eyesight, you’ll have to compensate for both their drop in navigational skills, as well as their lack of a sense of security—which can often manifest itself in aggressive actions, such as snapping and biting. A deaf dog will not be as responsive, and may put themselves in danger if allowed to roam free. A diabetic dog, on the other hand, has fewer behavioral issues, but needs daily medical attention. This site is a guide that will help you work through all the challenges that face the owner of an older dog.

Even if your older dog is in fantastic shape, there are still some things you’ll need to be aware of. There is a certain amount of wear and tear that accumulates over an animal’s lifetime, so you’ll need to adjust to your older dog’s decreased energy and more limited mobility.

There is also the issue of loss. For many dog owners, the loss of a dog is the loss of a family member. Because of the relatively short canine lifespan, you are most likely going to outlive your dog, which is not always easy to accept. This is something that is often on the minds of those that own senior dogs. Losing a treasured companion will always be a sad occasion, but it is also a natural one. Although ten or twelve years may seem like a short life to us, to a dog, that is a satisfyingly long life.

Still, the mourning process after losing your canine friend can be difficult. Should you get another dog? If so, when? What should you tell the children in your life? How do you properly mourn the loss of such a good friend? These are difficult questions, especially if you’re asking them of yourself. On this site, you can find help in your approach to the mourning process.

There are many challenges to living with a senior dog, but none of them are insurmountable if you know the right thing to do and have a bit of patience. With a bit of the guidance that you can find here, your dog’s golden years will be just that.

The Little Things In Life Can Make A Big Difference

Sometimes the little things in life can make a big difference.

Below are a few products to better care for your senior dog as well as some that provide her with extra comfort and convenience.

Removable Bed Covers: With a quick unzipping you can throw stinky and stained bed covers into the wash. Also consider buying a replacement cover made of Crypton fabric that repels stain, fluids and bacteria.

Specialty Beds: If you haven’t shopped for a pet bed lately you’re in for a surprise. Today’s beds will warm, cool, even massage your dog. Incontinent senior dogs can rest better (and stay drier) with slightly raised beds made of mesh where urine flows through to a protective pan below.

Area Rugs:  Got slippery tile or linoleum in your house? Provide better footing for your dog by placing area rugs with non-slip backing on floors.

Dry Shampoo: Your dog will smell fresh as a daisy between regular grooming sessions with these powders, foams and liquids. No rinsing necessary.

Water Bowl: Proper hydration is important. Place an extra water dish near your dog’s favorite spot so she doesn’t have to go far to quench her thirst. This is especially important for senior dogs with mobility issues.

Steps: Whether you buy or make them, carpeted steps help your dog get on and off furniture with ease.

Strollers: For dogs who aren’t as spry as they once were, these modified baby strollers get them outside for a little fresh air and stimulation. Some strollers can accommodate dogs up to 70 pounds. If your fur baby is larger, try a children’s wagon outfitted with a fluffy pillow.

Diapers: For our older dogs who dribble and drip, doggie diapers can help. There’s even a company that makes harnesses to secure droopy diapers in place.

Veterinary Records: Keep track of your pet’s medical records, insurance claims, and other vital information through organizational software programs or web based information storage companies. Low-tech options include manila folders or three ring binders.


3 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Senior Dog Very Comfortable


Dealing with older dogs is a lot different than dealing with pups. As dogs age their care requirements change drastically. This website is dedicated to Whedon and provides tips for caring for senior dogs.

As dogs age, they lose some of their capacities and have to be assisted in several ways to make their lives easier and more pleasant. It is a part of any senior dog care routine to ensure your pet is fully comfortable at home, even if it means making some little adjustments around the house.

Following you will find 3 easy things you can do to help your pal feel at ease as he gets older:

1. Keep your dog warm

Senior dogs are not able to regulate their body temperature as younger pals can. You have to make sure your old dog is warm and dry all the time, and he should remain inside the house, unless it is time to exercise.

During old age, dogs are extremely sensitive to humidity and heat; thus as part of your senior dog care routine, make sure they are safe from circumstances that could cause heatstroke.

2. Adapt the space and get the necessary equipment

Arthritic dogs may need a ramp to be able to go up a set of stairs, they may also need an orthopedic bed, and additional blankets.

If your dog is going blind or can’t hear very well, you have to remove any obstacles he can encounter on his way when moving around the house. Your pal will get very nervous if he starts bumping into clutter that is on the floor, so keep every area free and clean.

3. Keep your dog’s mouth clean

Older dogs must have their teeth brushed every single day with special toothpaste for dogs; otherwise a lot of plaque can be formed, making your friend prone to several illnesses.

In addition to this, your dog will require professional teeth cleanings regularly, and these must be performed under general anesthesia.

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