The Seven Ingredients That Put Orijen Senior Dog Food Among the Winners

orijen senior dog foodOrijen senior dog food is one of the best options out there to feed your old pal because it is full of prime quality ingredients and lacks what your dog is not “designed” to digest.

Here’s the list of the 7 main ingredients you will find in every Orijen senior dog food recipe:

75% of meat and 38% of protein
Orijen is very rich in free-run chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs and wild caught fish, offering your senior dog high protein levels that reproduce the natural diet dogs’ organisms are prepared to digest.

15% of animal fat
This ingredient is present in reasonable quantities because prime natural animal fats and oils are necessary for dogs to be healthy, while plant oils are completely out of the question.

0.6% of DHA and 0.3% of EPA Omega-3 fatty acids  
These ingredients are highly digestible and biologically apt because they come from fresh fish. They are crucial for the correct performance of senior dogs’ immune and nervous systems, and to maintain their skin and coat healthy.

No grains and 25% of carbohydrates
What is not included is as important as what is. Dogs’ organisms are not prepared to digest grains and carbohydrates should be limited. This is why Orijen senior dog food contains no grains and a very small percentage of carbohydrates.

1.6% of calcium and 1.4% of phosphorus
It is dangerous to feed your senior dog a lot of calcium and phosphorus. Dog foods that include meat meals tend to contain very high levels of these two, making them unhealthy for your old friend.

1400mg of glucosamine and 1200mg of chondroitin
The fresh meats contained in Orijen senior dog food are very rich sources of these two ingredients, which are present in a natural way in fresh meats. There’s no need for Orijen to add anything synthetic due to the purity of the meat ingredients used.

Very select botanicals
Dogs are natural eaters of some grasses and weeds; thus, Orijen has included in its senior recipes several herbs that help your pal’s metabolism, fortify its organs and get rid of the toxins in its body.