Ten Good Reasons to Give Your Dog Canned Senior Dog Food

Canned Senior Dog FoodCanned senior dog food has many nutritional advantages over the dry options. Here we give you 10 good reasons why you should try to give your old pal canned senior dog food at least once in a while:

1. Flavor. Canned dog food has a lot more flavor than dry mixes. It is so tasty that even the most difficult eater will want to sink its teeth in it!

2. Easier on weak teeth and mouths. Some senior dogs start loosing strength on their teeth and present mouth conditions that make it very difficult to chew hard food. Canned senior dog food is perfect for these cases, even when mixed with a dry option, because it will soften the food and will make it easier to chew and eat.

3. Fewer stool volume. When your dog eats canned food its body absorbs the nutrients better and there is less to be disposed of.

4. Convenience. It saves a lot of time to just open a can of food knowing your dog will eat it immediately instead of having to wait while your pal decides to eat the dry food on its plate.

5. To enrich dry foods. Sometimes dry foods are not as tasty or inviting as wet options, so canned senior dog food can really turn a dry meal into a feast for your old pal.

6. To stimulate appetite. It is common for senior dogs to lose interest in food, and it is very hard for you, as an owner, to think of ways to stimulate your pal’s appetite every day. The extra flavor that canned senior dog food offers may make your task easier while offering the same nutritional value or even better.

7. To conceal medication. Senior dogs normally have to take some kind of regular medication that may be hard to administer. Well… canned food is perfect to conceal medication. Your dog will not even notice that it is taking a pill amid the feast of flavor in its food.

8. To include some variety in your dog’s life. Canned senior dog food comes in different flavors, giving your pal something to look forward every time it is going to eat.

9. To give a healthy prize. Treats are not healthy for some senior dogs; however you can reward and say thank you to your pal with tasty canned food.

10. To increase water ingestion. If your old dog is in need of more water, give it canned senior dog food; which has a much higher water content than dry foods.