Caring for your Irish setter’s Coat

irish setter coat careYour Irish setter is a strong, happy go lucky dog who loves to play and run, but he also needs to be properly cared for to ensure that he lives a long, healthy life.  This is a hunting dog that requires lots of exercise every day, and he may get into things when not properly exercised, and there will likely be times that you find him in a bit more of a mess than you had expected.

Properly caring for your Irish shouldn’t be too difficult, but it is essential to help maintain overall health and comfort of these dogs.

Long, feathery fur needs a bit of attention

You know that your Irish setter has a beautiful, feathery mahogany colored coat.  You probably know how smooth and sleek he feels, but you might not know what it’s going to take to maintain it.  When he’s playing outside, it’s likely that he will get into things.  The good news is that he probably won’t get full of burrs and brush, but he may wind up a bit dirty.

His smooth coat likely will allow lots of that dirt to fall off, but there will be times that he’s going to need a bath.  Don’t bathe your Irish too often, because it can dry his skin and his fur can lose some of its soft appearance.  Only give him a bath when he needs it.

Despite the fact that you won’t need to give your Irish setter too many baths, you should make sure to brush him often; anywhere from once a day to once every couple of days.  This can help to keep his fur from becoming matted and uncomfortable for him.

Don’t forget to offer the occasional trim, too

The fur of the Irish can often grow to be quite long, so it’s a good idea to trim some of it.  Especially the fur that drapes down from his belly and chest.  It looks nice, but can easily become tangled, especially as he runs through the great outdoors.

Be sure to check his feet, because fur grows between the pads of the toes, and this should be trimmed, as well.  When it grows un-checked, it can become clumped and cause him discomfort.  Since it’s important to make sure that your Irish is able to enjoy running and playing, his feet will need to be well cared for.

Also, the extra fur that grows in the ears might also need to be trimmed.  Too much of it can be a place for ear mites to linger, and clean ears are essential for excellent overall health.  Trimming excess fur from the ears can help to keep them clean and healthy.

While the Irish setter may need to be brushed and trimmed more frequently, when his fur is properly cared for, you will find that he keeps his healthy, lovely look well into his lifetime.