The Essential Facts

irish setter factsAny time that a person considers adding a dog to their family, it’s essential to learn as much about them as possible, so you will be prepared to offer him just what he will need to thrive in your life.  Knowing about the breed of dog you’re considering can help you choose the one that will fit in with your lifestyle the best.

Irish setters are a beautiful dog, but many people make the mistake of choosing one and then discovering that this just isn’t the right dog for them.  Unfortunately, it is all too common for people to choose the Irish only to discover that he is to high energy for their tastes.  This is what causes dogs of all kinds to be abandoned or left at shelters.

These essential Irish setter facts should help you to understand the breed, and lifestyle that will allow the Irish to thrive and be an excellent fit for your family.

–          The Irish setter is extremely active.

When you are aware of this, you can plan to provide lots of time playing and enjoying outdoor activities with him.  They were bred to help bird hunters in Ireland, so pointing and chasing down birds all day long is what the breed was created to do, so keeping them in an apartment with no activity simply is not fair to them, or to you.

–          This breed can become destructive.

When you don’t take the time to exercise the Irish setter properly, he may become bored and destructive.  However, taking the time to provide long walks or runs, and lots of play time can help him to burn off energy that can become destructive to your home.

–          Irish setters are generally happy.

The Irish tends to be a happy dog that requires a strong leader to keep him in check.  Although he is relatively easy to train, if the trainer isn’t strong enough, the Irish will likely not listen.  A strong approach that is rich in praise and light on harsh discipline will be the best approach for training this type of dog.

–          May be too exuberant for very small children.

The Irish setter is a wonderful family dog.  He tends not to be overly territorial, and he is not a guard dog, but he may be too exuberant for very small children.  Owners should train him from an early age not to jump, or he might knock down small children in his excitement.  However, if you’re seeking a dog that will happily play with the children and love your whole family, then the Irish is the dog for you.

–          The Irish setter does have some health concerns to watch for

Despite the fact that this breed of dog is generally a healthy one, there are some health concerns that owners should watch for.  Prevention and early detection of possible hip and eye problems, as well as a condition known as Bloat, are the best tools to help keep your Irish setter healthy and happy for years to come.

–          Irish setters do need to be groomed a bit.

In general, this breed of dog should not be bathed too often, but the long fur will need to be properly maintained to ensure that it is free of tangles, matting and outdoor debris such as burrs.  Spending some time every day to every couple of days to brush and maintain your Irish will help to keep him looking and feeling his best.

If you’re thinking about getting an Irish setter, you should know that these dogs are fun loving and sweet, but they do require work and time to be the best dog for your lifestyle and family.