The Irish setter as a hunting dog

Irish Red Setter huntingIf you are a lover of the outdoors and perhaps even enjoy field hunting, then the choice of sporting dog will be of great importance to you. If you choose an Irish setter, you choose a dog with remarkable qualities.

  • it has great social skills and gets on with almost anyone
  • it loves being outside
  • it has little or no fear in your outdoor environments
  • it has boundless reserves of energy
  • it makes a wonderful family pet

There are many Irish setter owners who will tell you that their dog is not so much a canine but rather an additional member of their family. Whenever the opportunity to travel to the outdoors and indulge in some hiking or hunting, the most excited and enthusiastic family member is the Irish setter. And one interesting aspect about this boundless energy is that many Irish setter owners tell you their dog at age 10 or 11 is still as active and enthusiastic as when it was a puppy or a young dog.

Many dogs when placed in a new and strange environment can take on unfortunate behavior characteristics. They can become frightened and timid and shy not being familiar with their new location. Or they can become scatty and silly and run off. The Irish setter is none of those things. It will be obedient and stay with its owner heading off to find the game shot by the hunting party but only when told to do so. The Irish setter is almost the perfect gun dog.

Irish Setters are great near Water

The outdoors can consist of varying types of topography. The Irish setter has no fear of water; in fact it actually thrives in watery situations. If you are hunting in swampy areas, the Irish setter with its wonderful sense of smell will willingly and accurately locate the bird or game you have shot.

Perhaps the perfect compliment which can be attributed to the Irish setter is that those which are used for hunting and other outdoor pursuits, who can rough it in the roughest of situations, are also the most loving and affectionate of family pets. It can be said to be the dog for all ages and all purposes.

The key to a successful Irish setter purchase is to do your research. A lot of valuable information can be found online and it’s free. Your choice of breeder is vital. Breeders who have been in the business for many years and who are able to give you a detailed and accurate pedigree of your potential pup is your best way to proceed. Talking to other Irish setter owners and finding the source of their dog or dogs can also be extremely helpful.

There are hunting dogs and there are hunting dogs. The Irish setter is not only brilliant as a gun dog but also makes a wonderful companion and family pet.