Is the Irish Setter right for you?

running irish setterWhen it comes to choosing a dog, it is always good to know a little about the breed and certainly about the general characteristics of the dog you have in mind. People who live with an Irish setter will often tell you that the dog is not really a dog but rather a member of the family. Certainly that’s the way the Irish setter sees itself.

If appearance is important in your canine friend than the Irish setter is stunning. It has a magnificent red coat which is silky to the touch. It has long flowing ears and when motionless or in-flight looks quite regal. Some people say that an Irish setter will turn heads.

Of course Irish setters can be an energetic and hard-working hunting dog, a pampered and highly groomed show dog or simply a loving family pet. But whichever lifestyle you choose for your Irish setter you need to know a few things about the breed in general.

  • they can be cheeky by nature and need serious training
  • they love to run and run so an enclosed yard with a proper fence is essential
  • they love playing with anyone and certainly with children
  • they have a wonderful friendly nature and are not the best watchdogs in the world

It is probably true to say that all puppies will benefit from some form of obedience training. That is certainly the case with an Irish setter puppy. It’s important that they quickly learn the difference between right and wrong. A dedicated owner can achieve wonderful results but sometimes going to a class with a professional trainer has multiple benefits. Your Irish setter can learn how to behave and gain the all-important skill of socialization. It doesn’t matter which type or breed of dog is part of the class, mixing with and meeting other dogs is an important part of your Irish setter’s maturity.

It is important to understand that the eye-catching good looks of the silky, red-coated Irish setter is indeed visually satisfying, but if you want a happy and healthy dog, it needs the right food, training and environment. Having a dog just as a fashion accessory is unfair on the animal and the people with whom it comes into contact. As the saying goes, ‘A puppy is for life and not just for Christmas’.

Reputable breeders

If you are interested in owning an Irish setter, there are many resources available to tell you about the breed, show you photographs and provide details of reputable breeders. It is important that you deal with a reputable breeder, someone who has experience and expertise and who has a reputation of providing quality puppies.

While it is true that the Irish setter is not the biggest dog in the world, they certainly are large dogs and you should have both the accommodation and the yard to allow the dog to live a happy and healthy existence. Remember that an Irish setter puppy will quickly grow and become more energetic and require even more exercise.

Irish setters, generally speaking, are very healthy animals and if you deal with a reputable breeder, then you will be able to obtain information about the family history of your new puppy. Irish setters have a life expectancy into their teenage years.

If you are seeking a gun dog for hunting purposes, then the Irish setter has a long and distinguished history in that field.