What Are Donut Dog Beds?

donut dog bedIf your pet dog loves to curl in a ball, then the donut dog beds are perfect for him. The bolster of the bed will surround your dog’s body and makes him feel safe and warm.  And these will become his favorite place to rest and relax. Having a dog bed will not only give your dog a place of his own but will also protect your furniture. This type of dog bed is the popular choice among pet owners for its affordability and security in one package.

What is a Donut Dog Bed

It is also called bolster, bumper or nest dog bed. It has an oval ring that creates the feeling of security and warmth.  It has a removable tufted cushion which can be used as a crate or travel mat. It is a favorite among small dog beds as small dogs love to curl up.

Finding the Right Donut Dog Bed

Whether you have a new puppy or an aging pet dog, donut dog beds also called bolster dog beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Double donut dog beds will double the comfort and style. These beds provide a higher side wall that can reach up to 18 inches and could be made of high-memory polyester fiber. There can also be a detachable orthopedic foam cushion under the inside pillow. It looks like comfy sofa that can be an elegant piece to your room.

Round dog beds are also popular for dogs sleeping in tight ball positions. Its circular mounds provide softness that your dog will surely love.

Donut foam dog beds are specially made for aging and ailing dogs. The premium foam filing is great to cushion joints and bones. These are the prescribed beds for dogs with arthritis, joint pain or hip dysplasia.

And if you want to make your pet feel more pampered, opt for the luxury dog beds. There are many pet stores which could do personalized and customized styles for you. Just tell them what are the unique needs of your dog and the color or style you want.

Designer dog beds are the dream dog beds. They are not only fashionable to look at but also great to touch and sleep on for they are made of the best quality materials in designer prints and style.

When you own two or more dogs, try the large dog beds so that they can all cuddle together for more warmth.

For the best dog beds in the market, browse and choose from the Bowsers donut dog bed. All beds are made of 100% polyester fiber fill that maintains the superior memory and uniform comfort with strong, luggage-quality zippers. Their tufted cushions can be removed and used as a crate or travel mat. They are not only known for quality, but also for beautifully made dog beds.


Dogs also want to feel they belong in the family, and a great way to do so is to provide them with their own bed. They need a place to unwind and relax. And if you own a curler, donut dog beds are the excellent choice.