The Best Dog Beds for Your Dog

Many dog owners don’t realize how important having the best dog beds can be. A lot of people dismiss proper dog beds because of their prices; however having the right bed is essential for a dog’s wellbeing and general health.

Most dog owners don’t mind their animals sleeping in various places around the house. Most notably; at the foot of the bed, outside in a shelter, and on a sofa. However, there are many long-term dangers that could occur if a dog sleeps in these places on a nightly basis. For example; sleeping outside could make a dog more susceptible to contracting a disease from an insect or parasite; and sleeping on a hard surface could cause the dog to attain joint and bone problems. Buying a decent dog bed is far more cost efficient than having to pay out on veterinarian bills.

Washable Dog Beds

A washable dog bed is useful for people that own puppies, or for those that have an older animal with bladder problems. Washable dog beds may not last as long as other forms of dog bed, however they are certainly more hygienic. A washable dog bed is also recommended for people with dogs that have contracted a parasite or that have skin problems, as they can be thoroughly cleaned to prevent reinfection.

washable dog beds

Chew Proof Dog Beds

A chew proof dog bed is recommended for puppies and dogs that have discipline issues. Having a chew proof bed can save lots of money in the long run if the dog won’t stop with its chewing ha bits. Chew proof dog beds are often made out of thick plastic. They are very strong and can be much safer than some dog beds as it is more difficult for parts to become disconnected, which could cause the dog to choke.

chew proof dog beds

Donut Dog Beds

Most donut dog beds are washable and made from cotton. Donut dog beds have two distinct parts to them, the base and the cushion. The donut bed is one of the most common forms of dog bed. They are very versatile, and are capable of providing comfort for dogs, regardless of their sleeping positions. Donut shaped dog beds are especially popular among people that have puppies and require small dog beds.

donut dog beds

Bolster Dog Beds

Bolster dog beds are designed for larger breeds, or for dogs that prefer to sleep with their head elevated. The best forms of bolster dog bed are washable and will contain soft pillows. They can also vary in support height and level of degrees, such as 180 degree bolsters and 360 degree bolsters. Orthopedic versions can also be available, each with their own specific level of hardness. Some bolster dog beds even come with heating systems.

bolster dog beds

Orthopedic Dog Beds

The best orthopedic dog beds are designed to give the dog the support that it needs for it’s specific skeletal frame. Orthopedic dog beds can come in various different forms to suit the needs of specific problems. There are; soft support models, firm support models, foam models and even beds that will change in accordance to the pressure of the dog’s frame. When searching for an orthopedic dog bed it’s important to purchase a bed that is designed for the correct problem, otherwise this could result in very costly mistakes. Orthopedic beds are usually referred to as the best dog beds for older dogs. The best dog beds for large dogs are also usually orthopedic models as well; this is because they can maximize comfort for the dog if it wants to stretch out.

orthopedic dog beds

Designer Dog Beds

Designer dog beds will ensure a level of quality that many cheaper models can’t provide. Many designer brands will also cater to wide selection of styles to suit the needs of the dog owners’ style. Designer brands can be found online. Mammoth dog beds are one of the most respected designer brands, and are significantly popular with dog owners that require orthopedic beds.

Dog Beds by Breed

Some dog beds are designed to accommodate the needs of specific breeds. For example the best dog beds for pitbulls will usually be firmer, whilst the best dog beds for labs will usually be much larger to accommodate their frame as they get older. It’s important to perform the relevant research prior to investing in a dog bed for a specific breed, otherwise various problems could arise in the future.

Where to Buy Dog Beds

Dog beds can be purchased in pet stores, high street shops and on the internet. The best dog beds are usually found online on websites such as petco and petsmart. This is because the internet has a much wider selection than most shops. This means that purchasing online means the owner is able to find the best bed to suit the needs of their specific hound.

Before any dog owner decides to purchase a dog bed it’s recommended that they read reviews of the best dog beds. This will ensure that they are selecting the best choice for their specific breed. It’s important that owners always choose the best dog beds for their pooch, otherwise they could end up having problems in the future; not just with costs, but will their dogs health.

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