Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

The Top 4 Dog Food Varieties for Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd is known for its history of guiding flocks of sheep for farmers and its intelligence on the farm. They are also very energetic and agile with a love for larger spaces and families.

Some of the best dog food for Australian Shepherds mimics the natural meat diet they are familiar with. The food should not have too much protein and have a balanced diet that encourages energy burn. This can include diets heavy in omega-3 oils and rich, natural meat. The foods should not contain extra by-products such as soy flour or meat by-products that can harm the dog over time. Here are a few trustworthy dog food varieties that work well.

Best Dog Food for Australian ShepherdsBest Dog Food for Australian Shepherds: Innova

The Innova brand of food is based on the natural selection of animal proteins and grain-free formula that breeds are familiar with. Innova EVO red meat and turkey & chicken feature bite-sized nuggets that are proportional for easy digestion. Innova EVO promotes a healthy coat and gives Australian Shepherds the energy they need for building strong bones and muscles.

Innova EVO uses L-carnitine in weight management recipes for controlling weight.


Wellness brand contains a large variety of food recipes for large breed dogs. The best dog food for Australian Shepherds should be low in heavy grains and high in animal proteins that promote energy. The CORE formula is a grain free variety that has over 30% more animal protein than other large breed formulas. A mix of Glucosamine and Chondroitin are mixed in to provide additional joint support for senior dogs. Large breed mixes contain deboned meat and larger kibble bites to promote proper digestion on the stomach.

All Wellness products use a GMO-free and gluten-free promise for the most natural dog food on the market.


Acana pet foods are developed with fresh ingredients local to Canada. Acana’s biologically appropriate motto encourages development of food that matches what dogs would eat in their natural environment. The best dog food for Australian Shepherds require a natural selection of meat and no preservatives due to their grazing nature. Acana Regionals use the freshest variety of foods found in Canada’s ranch prairies and valleys. This is particularly beneficial to the Australian Shepherd. It features over 60& meat content and over 35% of fresh whole fruits and vegetables.

The Acana classics uses meat from cage-free chickens and wild meat that is easier to digest. This variety is a great promotion for senior dogs who require more low glycemic foods such as oats to control weight and energy.

California Natural

The famous blue seal of California Natural provides a selection of some of the best dog food for Australian Shepherds. California Natural focuses on 5 key ingredients for a simple diet based on natural oils and minerals found in meats and vegetables.

• Brown and white rice

Whole grain rice provides a natural energy source that is continuous and easy to digest.

• Flaxseed

Flaxseed adds necessary fiber to the diet without sacrificing quality. High carbs and extra fillers are the source of trouble in many dog food brands. Flaxseed is a natural substance that digests easily.

• Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a powerful source of omega fatty acids that dogs use for a healthy coat and skin. It also provides a balanced supplement for easy digestion. Active Australian Shepherds require a careful mix of easy to digest food and natural wild ingredients that blend well with the rest of the ingredients.

• Chicken meal

Chicken meat is a common ingredient that supplies the best source for muscle growth and bone health.

Some of the best dog food for Australian Shepherds are a mix of foods that mimic the natural environment. Finding the best dog food is a careful balance of trying what works best for your dog based on activity and age.